Faculty of Foreign Languages

The Faculty of Foreign Languages consists of 6 Departments

The following Bachelor’s Degree Programmes are actualized at the Faculty:

  • Linguistics 45.03.02 – Translation and Translatology;
  • Linguistics 45.03.02 – Theory and Methodology of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures;
  • Linguistics 45.03.02
  • Linguistics 45.03.02 – Theory and Practice of Intercultural Communication;
  • Linguistics 45.03.02

The following Master's Degree Programmes are actualized at the Faculty (for more details)

45.04.02 Linguistics

  • Germanic Languages
  • Russian Language and Intercultural Communication
  • Basic Principles of Translation and Interpretation
  • Communication Theory and Communication Technologies

41.04.01 Foreign regional studies

  • Regional Studies and Ethnology of Asia-Pacific Rim

Department of Oriental and Asia-Pacific Regional Studies